Treating Osteoarthritis

At least there are four lines in overcoming osteoarthitis (AO) or damage to the knee joint. In the early stages, one and two, treatment with prevention through weight-loss programs and exercise tailored to the AO condition. Furthermore, if already entered stage three, it will be needed medicine, joint injections and physiotherapy. However, if the AO has entered the stage of severe (stage IV) delivery of medicines and bone vitamins is not enough. An action that must be done is arthoplasty or joint replacement (knee joint replacement surgery). This is the act of replacing the damaged joint surfaces with artificial surfaces or artificial joints.

In this operation, the ligaments supporting the joints must be repaired its balance, as in patients before experienced AO. If cutting and installation process and ligaments arthoplasty both stable, then the crooked leg will be straight back with perfect motion and relatively painless.

This action has a high success rate, because it was accompanied by a full team of doctors from a specialist in internal medicine, heart specialists, anesthesia and medical rehabilitation.

He said this action is not easy because the gap is narrower wound. Doctors use special saws machine, having to flatten the joints accurately so that the surface of artificial joints (protohese) can sit down with stable.

The operation requires precision in every stage. For example in the knee joint arthoplasty required 25 stage of operation before protohese installed. In addition, this operation is an expensive cost and should also be repeated after 15 to 20 years.