Tea, ‘3 in 1 ‘ Health Beverage

Tea is a health beverage that needs to go back to the community campaigned for a double benefit. Tea, especially black tea, has three benefits at once or 3 in 1 which contain water, bring cathecin antioxidants, and produce the increased production of the aflavins as natural antioxidants in the body. This time, the bombastic advertising about mineral water as health beverage, make the image of tea as a health beverage becomes a little to fade. And if we consume mineral water, that means we only get water. But if we consume black tea, then we of course got water, catechin, and theaflavins.

Furthermore, the antioxidants in black tea can inhibit cholesterol oxidation process, in other words, antioxidants makes cholesterol not accumulated in the blood vessels. If a lot of accumulated cholesterol in the blood vessels, especially in heart arteries, then of course the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke higher.

It is estimated that the production of dried tea leaves in the world reached 2.5 million metric tons, and approximately 78% of them are black tea, while 20% of green tea and oolong tea 2%.

People had been accustomed to drinking tea for more than two cups a day, and it is a very healthy habit. By consuming one and two cups of tea a day, chances of coronary heart disease and stroke can be reduced up to 40%.