Stress, How to Handle It?

Anyone can stress. Including you, your friends, your boss, your parents, just almost everyone experienced it. The cause can vary. Starting from the work piling up, the pressure from employers, school or college work, pressure from parents, the economic crush, or the debt collected. Wow, just a lot! The symptoms is that we feel uneasy, the hearts and minds either. When this stress response occurs, then the neurotic element in our brain is not stable. If we often stress, it will adversely affect our brains, causing a chemical imbalance. And it also will affect the memory, focus, and concentration. And usually tend to make we can not calm down.

Well, the problem is how to control this stress if this natural phenomenon hit us?
Here are some things you can do:

  1. Control your mind
    every person average has 60,000 thoughts a day, and nearly 80% of the thoughts are negative. Imagine, how the influence of these thoughts to your body! This negative thought patterns and behaviors affect existing under your conscious mind, and this has an unhealthy impact on your body. The fix is to change the negative thoughts with positive thoughts and try to convince yourself that you are what you are thinking positively.

If I need to say to yourself: I am strong, I’m fine, and I can get through all this. Repeat these positive affirmations throughout the day until it affects you squeeze pressure. There will be a change in influence your attitudes next.

  1. Stimulation Reduce stress
    Stress, anxiety, insomnia, and thoughts which walk too fast and difficult to control is usually a side effect of most of the caffeine.

The fix: try to find out what the cause of the stress we experience today. Reduce caffeine and try to replace it with herbal tea. Also avoid carbonated beverages or other beverages
that can stimulate our brains to create stress.

  1. Deeply breathe
    If you are really stressed, then you tend to breath shallow, maybe only until the esophagus. Unfortunately, adults tend to breathe like this. It is can affect the body and trigger stress, and also affect self restlessness (anxiety).

If you can learn to breathe more deeply throughout the day – by breathing from the diaphragm – you will reduce the anxiety and will have many advantages, such as blood pressure will not increase, and a stable heart. In addition, an estimated 70% of toxins in our bodies are expelled through breathing.

Well, maybe you can try these three things. It only takes belief that stress is a universal phenomenon which is not impossible to overcome personally. So, do not make a negative acted that will only make us more sick.
Good luck!