High levels of Vitamin C and Possibility of Stroke

Consumption levels of vitamin C may predict the possibility of large or small a person has a stroke, according to research group of experts involving approximately 20 thousand people middle-aged and elderly residents in Norfolk, United Kingdom. In a study that lasted for about ten years 448 cases of stroke occurred among those involved in research projects. The experts found that those who had highest levels concentration of vitamin C is in the beginning of the study had 42% risk of stroke is lower for a period of ten years, compared with those with the lowest levels concentration of vitamin C.

Protective effect provided by vitamin C to ward off a stroke after taking into account factors that can influence include age, gender, smoking habits, alcohol drinking habits body mass index, blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack preemptive strike, intake and social class .

Dr.Pho K. Myint from the University of Cambridge, England and colleagues report the results of research in medical journals, The American Journal of Nutrition.
Myint said that the concentration of vitamin C levels in the blood is a pointer from the consumption of bio-fruits and vegetables provide many nutrients that are biologically active and protective against stroke. The finding supports the evidence in the body that indicate the consumption of vegetables and fruits have such a protective effect against stroke.

In other comments are also associated with vitamin C, Drs. Sebastian J. Padayatty and Mark Levin of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, in Maryland, emphasizing fruits and vegetables are associated with many health benefits including reduced risk of stroke.

“We do not know why and how fruits and vegetables that provide benefits for the community it is recommended to consume in large quantities and a variety of kinds,” said Padayatty and Levin. The number of optimum consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease is still unknown, but eats as much as 5 to 9 times a plate of fruit or vegetables every day can provide health benefits and providing protection for the body against some diseases. Therefore it is recommended to eat the both types of food as much as possible.